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Old-Fashioned All Cotton Tea Towels
for Covering Your Rising Dough


The instructions I wrote for making sourdough bread tell you to cover your rising dough with plastic wrap.  And I did it that way for several years.  Then, totally by accident, I found some all-cotton, thin, wrinkley, really big kitchen towels that are exactly like the ones my grandmother had--the ones we covered our rising dough with when she was teaching me how to make 'homemade light bread' in York, South Carolina, many years ago.  Needless to say, I fell in love.

This all-cotton Tea Towel is roughly 25" by 30".

Cotton tea towels are so much more efficient for covering rising dough--they don't stick to the dough and they're much easier to put on and take off that that blasted plastic that always gets wrinkled or sticks to itself.  Not to mention that they are much more earth-friendly.

Tea Towel covering dough in the mixer while it's having its 30-minute 'rest'.

These soft cotton towels are also great for polishing glassware because they are much more absorbent than any other towel I've ever found.  I am just so excited that I found them!  I thought I should definitely make them available to my breadmakers, so here they are!

Each towel measures roughly 25" by 30".

$6.25 with free shipping! 

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Tea Towel covering rising loaves of bread.