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Incredible Tomato Slicer - Sourdough Stuff

Incredible Tomato Slicer

This tomato slicer is truly incredible. You'll not believe how it cuts tomatoes and other vegetables. Try one and it will be your favorite small knife in your kitchen. It's also a great value at only $10.59 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Flour Wand - Sourdough_Stuff

Flour Wand

Free Shipping! I have discovered a new toy for the kitchen! And the only way you can know how great it is is to look at the short 69-second video on YouTube. This man, Father Dominic, the Bread Monk, called me in September looking to buy some Dough Whisks. We chatted for quite a while and he told me about this "Magic" Flour Wand. I was hooked, so immediately found the manufacturer and bought some so I could share them with you. I guarantee you will love this gadget -- and not just for flour -- for cornmeal, powdered sugar -- anything that you can shake or sift, you can grab and sprinkle with this cool tool. The best part is that it is affordable.

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Dough Divider-Scraper-Chopper - Sourdough_Stuff

Dough Divider-Scraper-Chopper

If you cook, you need this tool ... but even more so if you bake bread. You will find yourself using it constantly for dividing your dough, lifting sticky dough from the counter, and cleaning up the flour that's left. FREE Shipping IN THE USA! Get it for even less in one of the Breadmaker's Kits.

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Wire-Bail Jar from Italy - Sourdough_Stuff

Wire-Bail Jar from Italy

This clear glass jar with its hermetic wire-bail closure is the perfect container for protecting your sourdough starter stash in the fridge. You'll be able to glance at it and know that you remembered to leave the lid loose until your yeasties are fast asleep and since it's clear, you'll be able to check on your babies easily. It won't spill and it's much less likely that some helpful person will throw it out because it looks and smells funny. Plus, it's a great-looking jar!

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Crinkly Cotton Tea Towel - Sourdough_Stuff

Crinkly Cotton Tea Towel

Get back to basics with a lovely all-cotton crinkly tea towel that is light enough to cover your rising San Francisco Sourdough Bread dough without weighting it down -- so much better than plastic wrap that wrinkles and sticks to itself -- and much more earth-friendly too. I use mine for polishing glassware to a beautiful shine as well--something those terry kitchen towels aren't good at. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Ultra Sharp Razor Knife Lame - Sourdough_Stuff

Ultra Sharp Razor Knife Lame

The perfect blade for slashing your delicate risen dough. When the blade gets dull, you just snap off the end section with the built-in tool and a brand new sharp edge is ready to use. You'll find dozens of uses for this blade in your kitchen, so you should probably order two -- one to keep and one to give away. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Fabulous Bread Knife - Sourdough_Stuff

Fabulous Bread Knife

San Francisco Sourdough Bread is crusty and you need a great Bread Knife to slice through the thick crust without damaging that wonderful crumb. If you're a baker or even an avid consumer of rustic breads, you will fall in love with this knife. And you get more value than you'd expect for $13.50 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Amazing Bowl Scraper - Sourdough_Stuff

Amazing Bowl Scraper

If you've already baked with sourdough, you know how sticky and clingy it is--much much more so than any other kind of dough. I've struggled with it, but this handy little gadget is flexible enough to curve to the shape of the bowl and strong enough to scrape wet dough from your counter without scratching. It won't replace your spatulas--but this is one tool you're going to thank me for--I just know it.

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Chrome-Topped Glass Shaker - Sourdough_Stuff

Chrome-Topped Glass Shaker

I must have half a dozen of these handy shakers in my kitchen cabinet--I keep them full of flour, powdered sugar, cornmeal, grated Parmesan, kosher salt, freshly ground (in an extra coffee grinder) black pepper, red pepper flakes or whatever. They make it easy to shake a little of what you need in a controlled area. They're glass, not plastic, so they're pretty enough for the table too. FREE SHIPPING TO USA ORDERS!

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Pastry Brush - Sourdough_Stuff

Pastry Brush

If you cook or bake or even grill, then you need to have a couple of pastry brushes in your kitchen drawer--because they're for much more than pastry. But you need one especially when you want to make beautiful as well as great-tasting San Francisco Sourdough Bread. For some reason, bread made with a sourdough starter is notorious for not browning as well as breads made with conventional packaged yeasts, so an egg wash is more necessary with sourdough. This handy little multi-tasker comes in all of the breadmaker kits. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Bamboo Starter Stirrer - Sourdough_Stuff

Bamboo Starter Stirrer

This unique, handmade Bamboo tool is perfect for mixing and blending sticky, viscous sourdough starter as well as other things that need to be blended well like cake and brownie mixes. You've probably never seen a stirrer like this one and you're gonna love it. Sanded extra smooth and finished with food safe, non-reactive oil. USA shipping is FREE!

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Instant Read Thermometer with Large Dial - Sourdough_Stuff

Instant Read Thermometer with Large Dial

You'll need an instant-read thermometer to tell when your San Francisco sourdough bread is ready to come out of the oven. And you'll actually be able to see what temperature you have with this Large-Dial Instant-Read Thermometer. You'll find lots of other tasks that this handy little thermometer will help with in the kitchen--frothing milk, instant temp for meat, fish & poultry, etc. A bargain with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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Funnel Measuring Cup - Sourdough_Stuff

Funnel Measuring Cup

This wonderful new kitchen tool (toy to me) is a brilliant invention! I wish I could give the one who thought of it a big hug. It pours so precisely --with NO drips-- you won't believe it. It has a measuring capacity of 3 1/2 cups and is marked in quarters of cups, ounces, and milliliters. Perfect for so many little jobs that are a pain with a regular measuring cup that, unless you do it reallllly slowwwwly, you drip all over the counter. This baby is no drip! You're gonna love it!

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