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The Incredible Tomato Slicer

$10.59 with free shipping in the USA!

I'll bet you've never seen a knife quite like this one--I hadn't.  When my friend gave me mine, he told me that I wouldn't believe how it could slice a tomato, and he was right!  Unlike other types of cutlery, this blade is both hollow ground and serrated on both sides.  This unique combination allows you to be incredibly accurate with a remarkably sharp knife whether you are right or left-handed.

Incredible Tomato Knife

I want to see a bigger picture!

This incredible tomato slicer cuts through a tough tomato skin without hesitation, and because the blade is super-thin and super-sharp, it doesn't squash the delicate flesh of the tomato--even the soft ones.  You can make perfect tomato slices as thin as you want with this incredible blade.  You won't believe how skilled you will look and feel with this little knife in your hands.

Needless to say, this baby slices other things beautifully as well--like peppers and onions--and zucchini.  Another reason I like it so much is that it's got such a classy look with its curved blade.  Actually I have a couple of these beautiful knives and when it's just two of us for dinner, I'll use them for steak knives.  The polished aluminum handles look great on the table.  Actually, I may get a few more so that I'll have a complete set of steak knives--what an idea!

One of the greatest things about this lovely little tool is its price!  At $10.59 each, you can afford to have more than one and do like my friend does--label one "For Tomatoes Only" and just dare anyone to use it for anything else!! 

$10.59 with free shipping in the USA!

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Like all fine cutlery, please protect the cutting edge of the knife by storing it carefully in its blade sleeve or by hanging on a magnetic rack.  Washing fine cutlery by hand and drying it immediately are also recommended to maximize its beauty and performance.

About Rada Cutlery

Rada cutlery has permanently cast solid aluminum brushed handles, satin finished.  Blades are constructed of surgical quality T420 high carbon stainless steel and are hollow ground to ensure a precision, concave surface for maximum edge retention.  The final step in the manufacturing process is a sharpening by hand to make sure you get a knife with a razor-sharp edge.