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My Guarantee & Privacy Policy

We believe that when you pay your hard-earned money for something, you should be satisfied.  So if you're not satisfied with what you buy from me, we'll take it back and refund your money.  It's that simple.  We want our customers to be happy.  The only question we'll ask you when you want to return something is what you didn't like about it.  We want to keep on getting better at what we do, so feedback is important to us.  We even really like positive feedback, if you have any of that too.  But constructive criticism is always welcome.  In the case of San Francisco Sourdough Starter the guarantee is this:  If your starter fails to start--for any reason--just email me and I will send you another one.

And I promise you, my valuable customer, that I will never ever share any of your personal information without your express consent and permission.   All of our credit card processing is done by an accredited bank and I never see any information that I don't need in order to ship your order.  I don't have or keep records of credit card numbers and related info.  If you do want to give me your credit card numbr on the phone or by snail mail, I will use it to place your order and I will then destroy it. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the Golden Rule--and I try hard to treat my customers like I want to be treated when I'm shopping online.

Thanks for visiting,

Linda Wilbourne

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