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Flour Wand - Sourdough Stuff

Flour Wand

Free Shipping! I have discovered a new toy for the kitchen! And the only way you can know how great it is is to look at the short 69-second video on YouTube. This man, Father Dominic, the Bread Monk, called me in September looking to buy some Dough Whisks. We chatted for quite a while and he told me about this "Magic" Flour Wand. I was hooked, so immediately found the manufacturer and bought some so I could share them with you. I guarantee you will love this gadget -- and not just for flour -- for cornmeal, powdered sugar -- anything that you can shake or sift, you can grab and sprinkle with this cool tool. The best part is that it is affordable.

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Dough Divider-Scraper-Chopper - Sourdough_Stuff

Dough Divider-Scraper-Chopper

If you cook, you need this tool ... but even more so if you bake bread. You will find yourself using it constantly for dividing your dough, lifting sticky dough from the counter, and cleaning up the flour that's left. FREE Shipping IN THE USA! Get it for even less in one of the Breadmaker's Kits.

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Funnel Measuring Cup - Sourdough_Stuff

Funnel Measuring Cup

This wonderful new kitchen tool (toy to me) is a brilliant invention! I wish I could give the one who thought of it a big hug. It pours so precisely --with NO drips-- you won't believe it. It has a measuring capacity of 3 1/2 cups and is marked in quarters of cups, ounces, and milliliters. Perfect for so many little jobs that are a pain with a regular measuring cup that, unless you do it reallllly slowwwwly, you drip all over the counter. This baby is no drip! You're gonna love it!

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