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Linda's Whole Grain Sourdough Bread with Seeds


Whole Grain Bread #1 with Seeds

4 cups starter
2 T kosher salt in ¼ cup water

1 cup 165 g Kamut
1 cup 190 g Semolina
1 cup 135 g Spelt
1 cup 120 g Whole Oat Flour

½ t. crushed fennel seed
1 T 10 g roasted ranch oats
1 T hulled sesame seed
2 T roasted sunflower seeds, no salt
3 T 15 g coarse raw wheat bran flakes
2 T pumpkin seeds
1 t dill seed
2 t chopped whole grain rye
2 t flax seeds
1 fl oz honey 50 g

I kneaded in some half and half oat and a/p flour—about ½ cup at the last.

Be sure to knead in the seeds very last--and by hand is better.  If you put them in earlier, the will cut the strands of gluten--and sourdough gluten is already weakened by the acidity of the sourdough starter.

This made 2 quarts of dough