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Bob Lichlyter's Sourdough Hotcakes

Sourdough Hotcakes (also works great for waffles)

This is a basic
recipe so you can add to it.

2 cups sourdough starter
2 tbsp. sugar
4 tbsp. oil
1 egg
1/2 tsp. salt
1 scant tsp. soda:full teaspoon if starter is real sour

Into the sourdough dump sugar, egg and oil. Mix well. (my note if you
have time let it set for 15 to 30 minutes) Add soda last thing; when
ready for batter to hit the griddle. Dilute soda in 1 tbsp. of warm
water. Fold gently into sourdough. DO NOT BEAT.

MY NOTE:  This will make about 20 cakes. This is the best recipe I have found
for hot cakes and I have tried a great many. If you want more hot
cakes you can double, triple and so on . I have made as many as 5
batches at once. We were feeding a herd of relatives and several were
teen age boys(enough said).
Happy Hotcaking
Bob Lichlyter

I looked over the hot cake recipe I sent you. I have one more suggestion which I found out on my own but I guess most would figure out on their own. When making more than one patch of batter put every thing in for the number of batches ie 2 batches 2 eggs etc. Then just before cooking put 2 cups of batter in a separate bowl add the soda and cook. When that one is gone pour out 2 more cups add soda and go again. If soda is added to both or all batches at once the mix will go flat before it can be cooked and the hot cakes don't turn out as well.