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The Perfect Beaker


You've seen Alton Brown use it on his TV show, and you know how picky he is about his kitchen tools. Alton is all about multi-tasking for every tool he gives any space in his kitchen, and I couldn't agree more.  But almost as much as I love the basic usefulness of this measurer, I love how it feels in my hands and how it looks sitting on my counter.  I leave one out most all the time. 

The flexibility of being able to gauge various volumes of ingredients in one measuring cup saves lots of time and frustration. Measurements are marked in dark blue and show up well against everything I've put in it.

This measuring cup gives you six important volume readings: teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, fluid ounces, and millimeter/cubic centimeters, with a total capacity of two cups.

The Perfect Beaker is scientifically calibrated, and its narrow base ensures accurate measurements even for small quantities. The markings are aligned with one another so that you can mix measurements, such as 6 oz of water plus 4 tablespoons of something else--at the same time. The conical shape makes it easy to grip even with wet hands. Surely these are some of the reasons chemists in labs have been using beakers shaped like this forever!

Made from high impact polymer that's shatterproof and resistant to breaking, the Perfect Beaker is top rack dishwasher safe and a bargain at only $9.99 plus $4.75 shipping.

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