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Make Your Own Breadmaker ToolKit

If you don't want all the items in one of the breadmaker's kits that I've put together and you want to make your own custom Breadmaker ToolKit, you can do it without paying any extra freight—here's my promise to you, my valuable customer.

I hate shipping charges--as a seller and as a buyer.   But I'm also a pretty unsophisticated internet retailer.  My website is as homemade as my bread.  Therefore, I don't have a fancy 'shipping charges calculator'...I have to use flat rates for my items.  But if you want to combine several items to make a kit that suits you and your kitchen, you could end up with ridiculous shipping charges!!  This is not good

So, here's the deal:  If you order several items and it costs me less than you paid to ship your stuff (which is nearly a given!!), I'll send a refund to your credit card or your PayPal account for the difference. For example, it will cost me $10 to ship one jar, but if I ship two of them to the same address, I can put them in a larger, Flat Rate box, and it will only cost $10--voila' a $10 refund! Needless to say, I don't do refunds for less than $1...I'm sure you understand.  : >

And always, if you have questions, email me.  You'll get an answer--I promise!




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