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No-Contact Laser Thermometer

 This is great to have handy in the kitchen (although your household males will do their darndest to steal it from you). You just aim and push the button and in less than a second, you can read the current surfact temperature of anything.  With this cool tool, I can tell exactly what temperature my oven is--not just the air, but the sides and bottom and top--the important parts.  Air escapes every time you open the door, but if the inside parts are hot, the air gets reheated quickly as soon as you close the door.  That's why I always say to preheat for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour instead of believing your oven when it says it has reached the temperature you set.  And we all know that baking temperatures are crucial to anything that goes in the oven to cook.

It’s called a laser thermometer, because you use the built-in laser to target the surface, but it’s really an infrared thermometer that measures the electromagnetic radiation coming from any surface you shine it on. It’s the safest way to measure temperatures in hazardous areas (like hot ovens or even hotter barbeque grills), hard-to-reach places and other areas where you just can't use a regular thermometer. The temperature range is -4° F to 608° F (-20° C to 320° C) and a 9 volt DC battery is included 

Do you know what temp your skillet is when your omelette comes out just perfectly?  You will if you measure the temperature before you put the eggs in.  Then you can have it the same every time.  Cooking is a science...and in science, you always want to be able to repeat your results.  That's why we weigh the flour and take the internal temperature of a loaf of bread!  Well this baby just adds a boatload of precision to your cooking and baking--actually anything you do in the kitchen that involves heat.  Yep, it's not cheap, but I promise you'll not want to live without it once you've used it. Money-Back Guarantee!  How's that??

PS--The puppies and kittens have a blast chasing the little red laser dot when you move it around on the floor.  What a hoot!



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