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The Brotform Banneton Bread Rising Basket

Perfect for bread machine bakers:  Let the machine knead the dough for you, then give it its final proofing in the Brotform Banneton Bread Rising Basket.

Sometimes called a Banneton (pronounced BAN-tahn), these natural cane hand woven rising baskets help shape your loaf of sourdough bread in its final proofing.  Sourdough is notorious for rising 'out' instead of up.  Professional sourdough bakers use some type of bread form instead of adding so much flour to the dough that it loses its 'holey-ness.'  All you have to do is flour the inside of the basket heavily, place your 1-pound of dough into it, let it have its final rise, then place your flat pan on top and invert!  Voila', you have a perfectly round loaf of risen dough with the ridges of the basket imprinted on it and a floury top. As the dough rises in the Brotform Banneton, the basket's coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and decor for a traditional hearth bread.  $29 plus $6 for shipping.

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